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Personal Topics:

1. What type of speech or media do you believe the government should control?

A. Only the most offensive which has no redeeming social value whatsoever (e.g. extreme forms of racism).

B. Essentially none. Even the most offensive speech should be allowed, and media content should be determined by the marketplace.

C. As much as appropriate per common societal standards of decency for adults (e.g. limits on pornography; no flag burning).

D. Essentially no or very little limit on speech, but the government should intervene to ensure all sides are adequately represented in media. 

2. When do you think the military draft is appropriate?

A. Never. If the cause and/or pay level is just, enough people will volunteer.

B. Only when the nation is responding defensively against an imminent/active military attack.

C. When voluntary recruitment has slowed and the current force size is unable to meet our military commitments.

D. Only when the nation is in a crisis and/or state of war (preemptive or defensive).

E. As needed, but with all citizens required to fulfill a mandatory term of service in the military (e.g. 2 year term).

3. Which statement best reflects your position regarding illegal drugs?

A. Keep the laws mostly as they stand today.

B. Legalize only some of the less dangerous ones (e.g. marijuana) but tax it heavier than regular products (like is done with alcohol).

C. Legalize them all, and tax no different than a regular product.

D. Legalize them all, but tax them heavily. 

4. Which statement best reflects your view on guns and gun laws?

A. Guns are a menace to society and should be banned from the public entirely.
B. Guns are a fundamental right and critical to our ability to protect ourselves. Most gun laws should be repealed.

C. Guns should be allowed in rare instances, but with much stronger regulation on whom can own a gun, and what type of guns are allowed.

D. Guns are a fundamental right and critical to our ability to protect ourselves. However, some regulation is necessary and current laws are appropriate. 

5. Which statement best reflects your opinion of abortion law?

A. It should remain Federally legal in every state, at any point until birth, and for any reason.

B. It should remain Federally legal in every state, but not allow late term (3rd trimester) except to save the mother’s life or other serious medical reason.

C. The decision on legality should be left to the states. Taxes should not be utilized to promote or administer abortion in any way.

D. It should become Federally illegal in every state except to save the life of the mother.

E. It should remain Federally legal in every state if related to rape, incest or saving the mother’s life.  State restrictions can be implemented for other reasons. 

Economic Topics:

6. In your opinion, what is the best way to improve US health care?

A. Government provided universal healthcare for all (e.g. similar to Canada, France, Britain).

B. Remove almost all government involvement and preferential tax codes that encourage employer based coverage, encourage Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), catastrophic health care coverage, and personal budget planning.

C. Basic government provided health care for those that truly can not afford it, encourage HSAs; some minimal regulation to prevent excessive insurance pricing/profits.

D. Basic gov’t assistance provided care to the truly needy; government requires medium+ employers provide healthcare insurance; mandate other individuals obtain a minimum level of coverage (like we do with car insurance)

7. In your opinion, which of the following is the best method for reducing poverty and helping the needy?

A. Rely primarily on voluntary charity; supplement with minimal taxation to provide a temporary safety net.

B. Rely heavily on taxing those who can afford to give a bit more, and giving to the truly needy whenever voluntary charity is insufficient to ensure a moderate safety net.

C. Rely primarily on promoting free markets and loosening economic restrictions and regulations; supplement with voluntary charity (no assistance through taxation). 

8. Income Taxes…

A. Should be modified to either a flat tax (e.g. 10% on everyone’s income) or fair tax (e.g. consumption based; a x% retail tax after minimum necessary good exemption level exceeded).

B. Should be kept similar to today where those that can afford to pay a higher %, do so.

C. Should be kept similar to today but those that can afford to pay a higher %, do so even more.

D. Should be drastically reduced by 50% or more (along with the associated government programs) and not replaced as the spending level is the primary problem. 

9. Which statement best reflects your view of the Minimum Wage?

A. It hurts the poor more than it helps as it prevents companies from hiring more. Eliminate any government set minimum wage.

B. It is crucial to help the poor maintain a living wage and helps prevent exploitation.

C. Some government determined minimum wage is appropriate, but it must be kept low for small businesses to be able to afford it. 

10. Which statement best reflects your view of the campaign finance laws limiting monetary contributions by individuals and businesses?

A. They have mostly achieved their goal and helped get corrupt money out of politics, no more laws are needed at this time.

B. They are a violation of the 1st Amendment and should be repealed.

C. Additional laws are needed to stop excessive amounts of money from corrupting our democracy.